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We provide litigation support in a number of different ways.

Many attorneys will require a current or retrospective appraisal for their client's property.  We can also provide preliminary valuations to assist you with your legal strategy or provide comprehensive 'full' appraisals.

We provide review services if you are in receipt of an appraisal of questionable quality. We are well versed in USPAP, our professional standards. All of our appraisals are developed in compliance with USPAP and all of our appraisal review services adhere to USPAP too. Senior appraiser Alfred Ferrara, Sr. is experienced on the stand as an appraisal expert.

There are obviously many different uses for a high quality defensible appraisal. Our standards allow us to provide many different custom appraisal formats. Please call our office with any valuation questions you may have and we can provide more detailed information on our services. Meanwhile, please browse our site as other areas of our site contain information of use to attorneys.

Expert Witness Testimony- Litigation Consulting
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We provide the legal field with a wide range of services for litigation preparedness.


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