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     ABOUT US    

AVS, Inc. has been in business in Anchorage since 1970, being the longest established appraisal and consulting firm in Alaska.

The firm's clientele varies considerably owing to the broad range of services provided.  Alaska banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies are the primary users of our residential appraisal services.  Many other national lenders also use our services for residential appraisals, small multi-family reports and reviews of both categories of property.

Federal, State, and local governments are also clients using our services, though those typically involve commercial property, land appraisals, or condemnation actions rather than residential reports.

We offer a complete range of commercial appraisals and consulting throughout Alaska and have appraised multi-thousand acres of land, mining properties, pipeline and other rights of way, as well as a variety of unusual properties in many rural areas of the State.

Law firms regularly use our services, and our appraisers are all court qualified for testimony.

High standards are maintained by our firm to ensure appraisal quality and reliability.  Our 37 years in business is a testament to the success of these efforts.

Producing work quickly and reliably is the hallmark of the firm with inspections and work often completed within one week if needed.  We are always happy to provide pre-appraisal consulting.

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